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The Amazon Rainforest Conservancy (ARC) is a registered Canadian Charity. We protect threatened tropical rainforest habitats in the Peruvian Amazon to conserve and restore the biodiversity of species and ecosystems for the benefit of future generations.

New opportunity to double the size of our jaguar corridor! 

The Amazon rainforest plays a key role in the basic functioning of the planet.

Yet instead of protecting it, we are destroying it.

The fate of the Amazon is not just a regional concern but a global one. With the growing trend of illegal activity in the Amazon, we all have a responsibility to protect and restore the Amazon as one of the most meaningful investments we can make for future generations.

ARC has projects in separate ecosystems of the Amazon basin, allowing us to protect a wider biodiversity of plants and animals, and especially endangered species.


Species are going extinct at an alarming rate. In order to avoid mass extinctions and preserve ecosystems, we must protect areas of high biodiversity like the Amazon rainforest.


Habitat loss and conflicts with humans threaten the existence of these majestic cats. Stand with us to ensure jaguars continue to live free in the wild for generations to come.

Protecting the Headwaters of the Amazon basin

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EARTH stands for Environment Activities & Rainforest Teaching Hub. Our mission is to teach students about the natural world through stories, videos and activities. We hope to inspire a greater appreciation of our environment and encourage the passion needed to save it!

The Latest Buzz

Did you know our Jaguar Corridor Project is about more than just jaguars? We’re also on a mission to boost the population of native bees!
Bees are the superheroes of pollination. Their survival is key to world food security.

Naptime Under Siege

Sorry to invade your inbox again. We’re just working SO hard to expand our Jaguar Corridor. We only have until the end of the month to reach our $30,000 goal!

It’s not just about jaguars.

Countless species find shelter, sustenance, and a place to thrive along our corridor.

rainforest destroyed by illegal mining

It’s Up to Us

I am constantly reminded of the need for small grassroots organizations dedicated to the preservation of the Amazon rainforest. We simply just can’t...
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