We have so much good news to report that I don’t even know where to begin! But let’s get started.

First, please join us in giving a warm welcome to Elber and Olegario – ARC’s two new forest guardians for our jaguar corridor project.

With the help and guidance from our partners at Bosque Guardián, Elber and Olegario have already accomplished a lot. For starters, they’ve completed an inventory of our first 28 ha land parcel of the corridor. We now know that 16 ha is primary forest, while 2 ha is secondary forest. The remaining 10 ha has been cleared for cattle pastures. Knowing this, we have put a reforestation plan in place. The team is currently building a nursery near one of the streams on the property so they will have an irrigation system for the seeds they collect from the primary forest.


They are also busy creating fertilizer by collecting black earth and mixing it with the cow dung left behind. Plus, they are busy planting leguminous species to generate shade and restore soil fertility. We will all celebrate when this barren land is brought back to a forest full of animal species calling these lands home.

More exciting news!  

Arcs first land parcel of the jaguar corridorElber and Olegario have found evidence of TWO endangered species on our forested land. Firstly, they found a path used by the Amazonian tapir — a species with only 5,000 left in the world. Secondly, they heard the song of the Cock of the Rock. A beautiful bird who is often the victim of trafficking – one bird is worth $5,000 USD!

But the exciting news does not stop there. We are sending out our forest engineer to measure three neighbouring properties. Once we know the actual boundaries, we can negotiate prices with those owners too. Our first corridor in the valley between the regional park’s mountain ranges is really taking shape!

  And still MORE good news…  

From September 24th – Oct 1st, a group of 7 ladies is hiking 160 km of Ontario’s Bruce Trail to raise funds and connect with and honour Mother Earth. Their goal is to raise at least $10,000 to be divided between three organizations. And yes, ARC is one of those organizations.

More specifically:

45%  ⇨  Raven Trust which provides access to justice for Indigenous Nations

45%  ⇨  Amazon Rainforest Conservancy

10%  ⇨  Bruce Trail Conservancy

You can support this incredible fundraising hike here. 

And, for those in the area, you can join them on the Saturday and Sunday (Sept. 24-25) of the hike. Register here to take part.

Personally, I will be joining them for four days of their Canada Camino. I’m excited to connect with these wonderful ladies and the beautiful scenery of the Bruce Trail. It’s all part of my quest to save the Amazon rainforest.

Warmest regards,

Jana & The ARC Team.