Over the past several months we have been investigating land conservation projects for the money donated to ARC.

After an intensive search, we have come to two main conclusions that will vastly improve our protection efforts:

A. Diversification: Rather than put all of our efforts and resources in one area, ARC will diversify with projects in separate ecosystems in the Amazon basin, allowing us to protect a wider biodiversity of plants and animals, and especially endangered species and the wildernesses they call home.

B. Partnerships: Projects will be in partnership with a trusted and established local conservation organization to ensure our success in protecting these important areas. 

Based on these conclusions, we have found three exciting projects in three separate regions of the Peruvian Amazon:

1) The lowland rainforest
2) The cloud forest 
3) The highlands/headwaters

You can learn more about each of these projects 

Next Steps
Land negotiations in Peru are a long process, but we have high hopes that we will agree on a price for the cloud forest and headwater land parcels imminently, and be able to move forward with both these incredible conservation projects this year. In the meantime, we have a fantastic opportunity to make a difference right away by moving ahead with our lowland Amazon project in Madre de Dios with ACCA.

Thank you again for all your support. It has been a challenging year for all of us. But the difference we’re going to make together in protecting the Amazon rainforest in 2021 is something we can all proud of!

Warmest regards,