We are excited to share with you some of our 2023 plans for the Protecting the Lowlands project.

1) Agroforestry Project

Within our 616 ha brazil nut concession came 15 hectares that had been cleared for raising cattle. This land is an opportunity for us to educate and support the local community on creating agroforestry systems on their land. Through these systems, they can grow food for themselves (ex. vegetables) and crops for selling (ex. cacao). As the rainy season ends this March/April, we will prepare our 15 ha for planting. When the rainy season returns in November, planting will begin.

2) Macaw Nesting Project

Macaws have suffered major population declines due to the logging of old growth hardwood trees. These colourful birds rely on the dry cavities formed in the trunks of these large, centuries old trees to nest. To help with their reproduction, the trees on our land will be mounted with wood nesting boxes. These boxes mimic their natural nesting sites. Darwin is in the process of making these boxes, and in April, Jana will deliver new climbing gear to help him with the installation.

3) Make It Monthly in March!

We hope you are as excited about these new projects as we are. But remember we can’t do what we do without your financial support.

March is “Make It Monthly” at CanadaHelps. For every new monthly donor that signs up, they will make an additional $20 donation to ARC! Monthly gifts are so important because they help us plan better for future projects. As a special thank you gift, our monthly donors will be invited to join us twice a year for online chat events when we will share behind the scenes stories and answer any questions.

Please sign up for ARC’s monthly giving program here.

Warmest regards,

Jana & The ARC Team.