Nocturnal Wonders – Teens

The nighttime is when the Amazon rainforest comes alive with sound. The calls from nocturnal mammals, insects, reptiles and amphibians all unite in a nighttime chorus. The night is especially magical in the Amazon as the stars are extremely bright due to the absence of light pollution. The Amazon is truly full of nocturnal wonders.


Activity 1 - Record and Identify Nightime Sounds

Have you ever been curious about nocturnal life in your area? This is your chance to learn more about it. After the sun sets and darkness falls, take a recorder or phone outside to record the nighttime sounds. Next research and create a list of what nocturnal creatures reside in your area. Research the sounds for each. Now compare those sounds to what you recorded. What creatures did you hear?

Activity 2 - Tracking The Phases of The Moon

Create a list of the moon phases that occur during the lunar cycle with the name of each phase and a corresponding drawing. Head outside every night for one month to observe the moon. Create a data sheet with the date, time of observation and draw a picture of how the moon appears, and name the phase it is in. Don’t worry if you are not able to view the moon on cloudy nights – just make a note of that on your data sheet.


Activity 3 - Nocturnal Creatures

There are many nocturnal creatures around the world. For example, tarantulas, owls, opossums, fireflys, geckos and many types of frogs. Choose 5 of these creatures and write a paragraph about each one. Be sure to include any special adaptions they have that allow them to survive in the dark.

Activity 4 - Interesting Facts About the Moon

There are so many interesting facts about the moon.

Research and write 10 facts about the moon that you find interesting.


Research which nocturnal species live near you that are endangered or suffer from habitat loss.

Next join a citizen-led group that works toward creating improved habitat for these creatures. If there’s not one, start your own! 


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