How does ARC decide which land to purchase?
We look at the following criteria when identifying priority sites for our conservation projects:

Is the land ecologically significant?
Is the land habitat for species at risk?
Does the land protect habitat for migrating species?
Does the land create or enhance corridors with other protected areas or conserved land?
Does the land act as a buffer zone for non contact communities?
Is the land at risk for mining, logging, and poaching activities?
What are the possible risks to owning the land?
Does ARC have the necessary resources?

How do you secure the land held by ARC from illegal loggers, gold miners and poachers?

We maintain an active and visible presence on the land by hiring local people to act as wardens and patrol the area. The Peruvian government offers support to conservation efforts through its Ecological Police (Policia ecologic) and the Ministry of Environment. Once we have completed the construction of our biological centre, the continual presence of volunteers, researchers and staff members will secure the properties even more tightly. In addition, we are investigating different technologies to monitor and combat illegal activities.

What is the size of Madre de Dios and the province of Tambopata?
Madre de Dios is roughly the size of South Carolina – approximate area of 85,000 square kilometres. Tambopata is the largest province of Madre de Dios and is roughly the size of Vancouver Island with an approximate area of 30,000 square kilometres.
How can I visualize the size of an acre and how many acres are in a hectare?
A football field (American football) is 1.32 acres in size. One hectare equals 2.47 acres.
What is the Peruvian Government doing?
In February 2012, the Peruvian government declared that taking actions against illegal mining was a national priority and enacted legislation to set guidelines for mining activities to be authorized and comply with environmental regulations. The reality is, enforcement of this law is difficult due to lack of adequate funds and resources. The efforts of ARC are intended to support and augment the government’s legislation by purchasing land for protection.

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