Finally – I have some great news to share!

I am heading to Peru in October to do the on-the-ground work for our future projects in the cloud forests and headwaters regions of the Peruvian Amazon. It’s going to be a whirlwind trip of 15 days wherein I will be travelling to 4 different regions and meeting with 4 different communities who have demonstrated their commitment to conservation. This will give me the chance to see their conservation projects in action and to determine if ARC wants to partner with them in growing their projects.

Most of these communities, I can reach by small plane or car. But one of the projects is in a very remote area and can only be reached by an 8-hour trek. Fortunately, I will have a Peruvian escort and a mule to carry my tent, sleeping bag and food.

And more great news! A professional cameraman is joining me to film our adventures to share with you upon our return. It will be interesting as each region faces different pressures and requires different solutions for protecting their forests and waterways.

In the meantime, here is a story I wrote for the next EARTH topic (layers of the rainforest) which we will be sharing soon. “A Connection in the Canopy” is based on one of my experiences walking alone in the jungle.


In the Amazon rainforest, most monkeys react to humans by fleeing at a high speed through the treetops.  Sadly, many have witnessed the dramatic event of one of their family members being shot down by a hunter, or a baby being stolen for the pet trafficking trade. But there are still some forests left in the Amazon rainforest where the monkeys have not experienced this trauma.

I was trekking through one of these undisturbed forests when I got a glimpse high up in the treetop of a spider monkey. Rather than fleeing, he looked down at me for a very long time. I spoke with a soothing voice to convince him that I meant no harm. I sang a lullaby in hopes that he would be engaged and enjoy my company. But no – he was not impressed. Instead he began breaking branches and throwing them down on me in a threatening display. Sadly, as my friendship advances were not being accepted, I whispered, “be safe my friend” and continued on my way.

Thank you for all your support during this topsy-turvy year. Together we will make a difference!
Warmest regards,


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