I’m happy to announce that, thanks to your support, ARC has purchased our first land parcel in the creation of the jaguar corridor! The bureaucracy in Peru can be a LITTLE challenging sometimes – dare I say it can be a little infuriating sometimes! But our patience has been rewarded and we can now celebrate this success! PLUS, we are currently measuring neighbouring land parcels and negotiating the purchase price for those lands.

We look forward to sharing a map with you once we have secured more land. In the meantime, I hope you’ll enjoy this video which shows a great view of this 27 ha property. You’ll also see yours truly, Sam (on the ARC Peru team), Rosemery (previous owner of the land) and Angel (from Bosque Guardián, our partner in this project). And if you look very carefully you will see Mark (ARC drone operator and video editor extraordinaire).

Next week, our team on the ground will take an inventory of our new land. They will identify how many hectares are primary forest, secondary forest, and grasslands. With this information we will prepare a reforestation plan and get planting!

As well as acquiring land for direct conservation, we are working with local families to expand the alternative livelihood projects initiated by our partners, Bosque Guardián (aka. BG). Last month, ARC funded a training workshop on the art of beekeeping for honey. Ten members of the community received a starter kit and were fully engaged in hands-on learning. Each participant will receive on-going technical support and the honey products they produce will be bought by BG to sell to the guests of their ecolodge.

Participants were creating a buzz with the bee boxes they made!

Thank you for continuing to stand with us to help protect and defend the Amazon rainforest as one of the most meaningful investments we can make for future generations.
As always, I am available to answer any questions you may have.

Warmest regards,

Jana & The ARC Team.