Researchers estimate only 15,000 jaguars remain in the wild. Their last refuge is in the Amazon basin. Yet even in the Amazon rainforest they’re far from safe. Ranchers shoot them on sight due to fear or concern for their livestock. Poachers kill them for their beautiful fur. And their teeth and bones are now being exported for use in traditional Asian medicine due to the disappearance of most tigers in the wild. In fact, rainforest dwellers are motivated to kill these cats now too, as a single jaguar tooth can fetch $250 on the black market!

The Amazon Rainforest Conservancy (ARC) currently has 1,442 hectares (3,500 acres) of pristine rainforest in its care. But the territories for male jaguars are large and don’t overlap. We need to create a much broader conservation zone for these big cats. Fortunately, three of our direct neighbours are willing to sell their lands to ARC for this purpose.

We’re only 400 acres or CDN$40,000 away from purchasing our next piece of land which will almost double the amount of land under our care. We will be at 2,595 hectares (6,350 acres) – a great beginning to establishing a jaguar safe corridor!

Help us save the last remaining wild jaguars. Your gift of just $25 will allow ARC to purchase a quarter of an acre (out of the last 400 acres needed).

Why Support Amazon Rainforest Conservancy?

In North America, we’re all volunteers working from our homes. We don’t have the executive salaries and overhead of some other conservation groups. This means every dollar you donate to this campaign goes entirely toward saving jaguars from extinction!

Plus, you’ll have the chance to see the jaguars you helped save! Jaguars are very elusive but can often be seen eating salt at one of the mammal clay licks on ARC lands. We plan to install camera traps at these mammal clay licks so we can all enjoy footage of the jaguars living safely on ARC lands because of our gift.

Join us! Let’s create a safe zone for these rare animals while we still can!

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