Our 2023 Annual Report is here! Download it here to see our achievements.

While 2023 brought significant successes, we fell short of the impact I had envisioned. The rising cost of living had a notable impact on our revenue streams. This resulted in several projects needing to be postponed.

My goal for 2024 is clearly defined: I need to broaden the reach of ARC supporters.

On an exciting note, in a few weeks, I will be travelling to Peru to visit both of our projects. I am eager to capture fresh footage highlighting the impact of our work. Did you know we share a new video every week on our social media platforms? If you’re not already following us, you’re missing out on some interesting content! 

The Amazon rainforest needs us more than ever. Our priorities for 2024 are clear:

  • expanding the lands under our care
  • reforesting degraded areas
  • strengthening our Forest Guardian programs
  • initiating sustainability projects with local communities

Additionally, I have some ambitious new projects for 2024 that I am really eager to launch but which will require additional funding. Email me if you want more details!

After 10 years in the Peruvian Amazon, I believe we’ve demonstrated our ability to get the job done. Unlike other conservation organizations, we continue to operate without the burden of high overhead costs and salaries. In Canada, all of us are volunteers, diligently working from our homes. However, we can’t continue this vital work without your support. Today is the day to show your commitment to saving the Amazon. 

Join us. Together, we can make 2024 ARC’s most successful year yet!

And please share this with anyone interested in protecting the Amazon. We all need to spread the word to make change happen.

As always, I am available for questions @ j.bell@arconservancy.com.

Warmest regards, Jana