I am constantly reminded of the need for small grassroots organizations dedicated to the preservation of the Amazon rainforest. We simply just can’t rely on governments and corporations to protect the Amazon. This was proven again last month. Representatives from eight Amazonian countries met to discuss issues related to protecting the Amazon region. Sadly, no concrete agreements or timelines were set. Deforestation. Illegal activities. Biodiversity conservation. Indigenous rights. Environmental protections and sustainable development. We need action on these issues NOW!

Adding to that disappointment, The Guardian reported that many projects which have sold #REDD+ (reducing emissions from deforestation and degradation) credits have failed to reduce deforestation. I believe that companies should fund projects directly and not go through the wild west of carbon credits.

In promising news, during a conversation with Dr. Daniel Collins, I asked him, “Is it possible to reverse the damage done to the Amazon?” His short answer was a resounding, “YES!”. He added that the Amazon has the ability to bounce back if we help it with good science and a coordinated effort. But we need to ACT now. He suggested focusing on two key strategies:

  1.  Maintain connectivity by linking areas of undisturbed forest
  2.  Target high biodiversity areas for conservation  

We know that ARC is on the right path. Our Jaguar Corridor project  is in keeping with the first strategy. While our lower Amazon basin project in Tambopata, Madre de Dios is located in a world-renowned biodiversity hotspot.


But we can’t do what we do on the ground without your help. Our passion and dedication is unwavering. But, at the grassroots level, our resources are limited. Your support can make a transformative impact. Any financial contribution, big or small, can help us help the Amazon.

To learn more about our efforts visit arconservancy.com. Or feel free to reach out to me directly at j.bell@arconservancy.com.

Warmest regards,