With only an estimated 15,000 jaguars left in the world, their last refuge is in the Amazon rainforest. But even there they are far from safe. Habitat loss and conflicts with humans continue to threaten their existence.

To help combat these threats, ARC is creating a corridor to protect jaguars living between the two mountain ranges of the Cordillera Escalera Regional Park. This corridor will provide a network of pathways to allow these magnificent creatures to travel safely across the valley. Currently, much of the valley has been cleared of its forest and turned into cattle ranches. The jaguars passing through the valley are often shot on sight by the ranchers who fear for their livestock.

But there is hope!

As these cattle ranchers age, their children are showing more interest in working and living in town rather than continuing the family cattle ranching business. The retiring ranchers are now looking to sell their land. This is an opportunity for ARC to purchase these lands for reforestation and return it to its native habitat.


  • Currently, our jaguar corridor covers 78 hectares (194 acres).
  • Four parcels of land that we have long had our eye on have been put up for sale.
  • The purchase of these lands would double the size of our jaguar corridor.
  • But we need your help. Your support can make a transformative impact ensuring the continued survival and growth of the jaguar population.

Since launching this project in 2022, our camera traps continue to capture footage of healthy jaguars traversing out our land – not to mention tapirs, coatis and other wildlife. We are making an impact!

Join us in ensuring our children and grandchildren live in a world where jaguars still live free in the wild.


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