Tambopata in Madre de Dios, Peru is one of the world’s most diverse ecosystems. It is home to world record numbers of bird and butterfly species. It is also under threat. 


Prior to 2011, Tambopata was a sparsely inhabited corner of the Amazon – unconnected by roads to the outside world. That changed with the opening of the 2,575 km Interoceanic highway connecting Brazil’s Atlantic Ocean port to the Pacific Ocean port in Peru. This lead to an influx of people – many being illegal gold miners – to previously inaccessible areas for the exploitation of its natural resources.

The government estimates there are now 40,000 illegal gold miners in the area. Plus, illegal logging and slash and burn farming continue to destroy the area. What was once pristine rainforest is now transforming into a toxic desert.

ARC took a stand.

In 2014, ARC acquired the title to a 1500-acre Brazil nut concession in Tambopata, Madre de Dios through our sister organization Peruvian Amazon Rainforest Conservancy (PARC).  It is a sanctuary for over 100 giant Brazil nut trees. It is also home to many endangered species such as the giant river otter, harpy eagle, spider monkey and spectacled caiman.

Forced evacuations during the COVID lockdowns led to PARC losing control of our Brazil nut concession. However, we fought back and reclaimed our land from illegal miners in 2023. But damage had been done as they left us with many huge mercury-polluted pits. We are now investigating the best scientific methods to clean up these pits.

In June 2023, we expanded our land holdings in the area with an additional 200 acres. This purchase allowed us to save 33 old-growth hardwood trees which were at high risk of being logged. This land is also home to a mammal clay lick and an avian clay lick. Both of which are important features for the health of rainforest species.

Your support is critical to helping ARC preserve, protect and expand the acres we now control.

PARC's 695 hectare Brazil Nut Concession



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