Our current onsite facilities are quite primitive. This has not stopped ARC’s scientists from collecting meaningful biological data that will be used to influence legislation for better wildlife and habitat protection laws. ARC scientists are using GIS and remote sensing as decision support tools. Research includes: species monitoring; conservation corridor design; protected area establishment; community engagement; reforestation; and, agroforestry.

Your support will allow ARC to construct a proper research centre which will:

  • Help us promote partnerships with universities around the world to work together on conservation, environmental education projects, collaborative research opportunities and community initiatives in the amazon rainforest.
  • Help us assist in the education and strengthening the leadership of the local Peruvian people as guardians of the Peruvian Amazon rainforest.
  • Help us research and test plots for sustainable livelihood projects for the brazil nut harvesters in the area who are currently supplementing their incomes with illegal logging and gold mining.


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