Did you know our Jaguar Corridor Project is about more than just jaguars? We’re also on a mission to boost the population of native bees!

Bees are the superheroes of pollination. Their survival is key to world food security. Sadly, pesticides and deforestation have put our indigenous meliponine bee friends at risk.

But fear not! Our dedicated rangers are on the job. They are locating wild bee hives and giving some of them a sweet new home that mimics their natural habitats. It’s a small gesture with a big impact! It gives these vital pollinators a chance to thrive once again.

In this video you can see Lucas applying a protective layer of grease to the poles – ensuring ants can’t invade our bees. No one wants ants in their kitchen!

Join us on this buzzworthy journey as we create a corridor of life. Help us safeguard jaguars, wildlife and our essential bee buddies.

Remember, every dollar makes a difference!

Please donate today Help us make a difference in securing more land for our corridor. Every dollar brings us closer to our goal.

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