Mother Earth has been knocking on our front doors, weeping in despair and pleading with us to change our ways.  But, we closed our curtains, dimmed our lights, talked in hushed tones and pretended we were not home. So, she dispatched COVID-19 to forcibly smash through every front door around the globe, and deliver a message that we could not ignore. So, what do we do?

It’s simple, in a way. We need to unite to protect the natural ecosystems of our own countries and safeguard the ecosystems worldwide that play a key role in the basic functioning of our planet. Research has established a clear link between the health of the Amazon and climate patterns. Scientists are telling us the conservation of tropical rainforests should be a priority worldwide. Yet the largest tropical rainforest in the world, the Amazon, continues to be under siege.

Sadly, we can’t rely on world governments and the leaders of corporations to preserve the world’s forests and the ecological services they provide. It is up to organizations (like ARC) to educate, inspire and raise awareness that we have to make the planet’s future a priority.

These uncertain times are affecting ARC, but rest assured we are staying the course. We have had to temporarily stop operations in Peru for the safety of our staff there. Peru is in total lockdown. The government has instituted a “zero tolerance” curfew from 6 p.m. to 5 a.m. each day and has instituted a gender-based alternating schedule for routine business such as grocery shopping. People are not allowed to walk the streets unless they have a purpose and only those with a special permit may drive. The military is in full force ensuring compliance.

The need to save the Amazon rainforest has not diminished because of current events. To ensure ARC is able to continue our work of acquiring land that would otherwise be destroyed by illegal activities and protect the species living there, we still need your help. For those of you in a financial situation to do so, please consider joining our monthly giving club for $5, $10 a month.

To become a monthly donor, please go here:

Remember we are all volunteers in Canada so all donations go directly to our conservation projects in the Peruvian Amazon.

With your help, we hope to emerge from this pandemic in a stronger position to increase the land in our care so we can continue our mission of preserving the Amazon’s flora and fauna for future generations. It isn’t just about saving trees and wildlife — it’s about saving ourselves.