Naptime Under Siege

Sorry to invade your inbox again. We’re just working SO hard to expand our Jaguar Corridor. We only have until the end of the month to reach our $30,000 goal!

It’s not just about jaguars.

Countless species find shelter, sustenance, and a place to thrive along our corridor.

Goodbye Miners. More Land. Great Team.

I am back from the Amazon and excited to share with you some of the latest news! I can’t write it all here without making this a 10-page newsletter so here are some of the highlights. PARC and the Lower Amazon Forests The main objective of the trip to our brazil...


  I’m happy to announce that, thanks to your support, ARC has purchased our first land parcel in the creation of the jaguar corridor! The bureaucracy in Peru can be a LITTLE challenging sometimes – dare I say it can be a little infuriating sometimes! But...

We are back

We’re back! We’ve returned from our trip to Peru where we were reminded, far too vividly, of why we are doing what we are doing – not that we really needed a reminder. Every day we came across more scenes of deforestation. It is disheartening that a tract...