Who We Are

Who We Are

The Amazon Rainforest Conservancy today boasts a  management team in both Canada and Peru comprised of different talented people who volunteer their time to protect the wilderness and its inhabitants about which they care passionately. Our team includes conservation experts, business professionals, and scientists.

What We Believe

Conservation of the Amazon addresses many challenges: climate change, biodiversity preservation and the loss of valuable ecosystem services provided by unique natural areas. We believe the purchasing of intact ecosystems in the Peruvian Amazon for conservation, protection, education and research is one of the most meaningful investments we can make for future generations.

Where We Work

We are focusing our resources and efforts on the area of Tambopata in the region of Madre de Dios in south-eastern Peru. An area that many scientists believe to hold the last and final block of tropical rainforest land in the world. We currently have 1,416 hectares (3,500 acres) in our care. Learn more.